We are currently experiencing some phone issues, please contact us through email!


We recently sent out a survey to gather some feedback from all of us homeowners and residents.  Unfortunately they got delayed in being mailed out and the return date was already printed.  Please fill them out and return them soon, there is no hard-set date as we welcome the feedback.  Also, on question 10 there was a typo and the dues remain at $300 as they have been in the past and this has not gone up.


The website is currently undergoing some design changes so watch for new and updated information.


We are tentatively planning an HOA meeting before the busy holiday season begins.  Once a firm date and time has been set, notifications will be sent out and we will post the information here on the website.


If you have a comment, question or concern about the neighborhood, please contact us through the information below.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.




Timber Creek HOA Board of Directors